List of member states

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This is a list of all member states of the international association of virtual nations "Traconeum" - systematicly sorted by date of entry


Nr. Name Capital Joined Map
1 United Absolut Democratic Republic Gnardenia Kuwaton 05.11.2016 300x120px
2 Iltomvodatien Vodatia 12.11.2016 300x120px
3 Empire Of Trakten Langheyn 13.11.2016 300x120px
4 Republic Makrolania Nath Makrolaniom 21.11.2016 300x120px
5 Eastern Islands Guantamonto 22.11.2016 300x120px
6 Reichsrepublik Wotania Utgart 23.11.2016 300x120px
7 Promethia unknown 23.11.2016 zentriert|300x120px
8 Empire Sengbehistan Niqara 24.11.2016 zentriert|300x120px
9 Kaltania Kalti 09.12.2016 zentriert|300x120px