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Welcome to Traconeum!
Wiki.png Welcome to Traconeum! Traconeum brings the possibility to connect all ideas about virtual nations and the virtual planet tracon and to present them in a free encyclopedia Have fun :)

All data saved in this encyclopedia just remain on virtual nations and fictiv ideas, but still may include some serious alternative polities and other interesting ideas. We hope, that we will be able to connect a huge and friendly community, wich construct a wonderfull alternative utopia called Tracon. You may start directly by adding your ideas to the wiki. To do that, simply search your topic and click on "create page on this wiki". If you need Help or some feedback, feel free to connect us via mail, facebook or twitter. We would love to help you! Every day at least one member of the team will take a view on this wiki and check out, what's new. So start directly and become a member of a nice community!

Traconeum news

  • 01.11.2016: Multi language support
  • 30.10.2016: Founded the traconeum wiki
  • 28.10.2016: Project Tracon founded

Getting started with Traconeum:

If you want your virtual nation to become a member of the traconeum, you only need a map and a political system. When you are done with collecting your first ideas and with creating a map there are two possibilities to join our network. The first is to simply add your article to this wiki. The second is to simply send us a mail via

In both cases, we will answer your request and let you know, weither you are a complete member or you'll probably have to add some information. Enjoy :) If your Request was accepted, you will see your State at List of member states

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